21. May 2020

Reimbursement showtickets and workshops

Dear friends of the improfestival Mainz!
First of all we thank each and everyone of you wonderful people for the support you showed us in these difficult times. We received many many emails with kind words, encouragement and most importantly with donations of your workshop and ticket fees or parts thereof. Thank you so much for your amazing support. We can hardly put into words how grateful we are. Without you there would be no festival next year, with your help we will be able to make it happen!

If you want to get your workshop money back and have not yet contacted us, please send an email to workshops [at] improfestival-mainz.de. We will send the money your way quickly!

If you want to get your ticket fee back, we have to ask for some more patience. Unfortunately our ticketing provider, ticketino, has not yet gotten around reimbursing us as they were also faced with a huge wave of cancellations. As soon as we get the money from ticketino, we will forward it to you. If you would like us to do that please send an email to team[at]improfestival-mainz.de and we will take care of it as soon as we can.

Take care, thanks a million again, you are simply the best improv community imaginable.
Your very very grateful team of the improfestival Mainz!

12. April 2020


Dear improv friends, we sadly have to inform you that the Improfestival Mainz 2020 has been cancelled.
We tried hard to make it happen and stayed for a long time as optimistic as possible. But due to actual situation and the insecure and still very dynamic developement of the ongoing Pandemic we, heavy hearted, had to make this decision.
BUT! We will be back: more colorful, more beautiful and even more united! We are thrilled to have you all back in Mainz in 2021. So grab your calendar, your phone or notebook (or even the next wall you can find) and save the date:
April 22. – 25.th, 2021!
Until then, stay safe and take care of yourself and the people around you!