Workshop 6: (Ausgebucht/Warteliste) Add THEATRE to improv

Kasia Chmara (Poland/Bydgoszcz)

Level: Intermediate

Language: Englisch


Price: 89€ (normal)/ 77€ (reduced)

Workshop Description

This workshop makes you a better improviser by making you a better actor.

The one-day intensive workshop is based on techniques of classic drama teachers – particularly Konstantin Stanislavsky and Mikhail Chekhov. You will ask yourself and the character the classic acting questions such as: Who am I? Where am I? What time am I? What do I want and how will I achieve what I want? What do I have to overcome to get what I want? thereby improving each and every improv scene you play in.

You will learn how to find the purpose taking the circumstances into consideration. You will learn how to build a character using acting techniques. You will develop your imagination so that when you are creating a character during a performance you will immediately think about every aspect to it and give your character a perfect and well-thought-out image. And when you reach that point, you can start thinking of the „magic if“!

Your Instructor:

Katarzyna(Kasia) Chmara is an actress (she finished International Film, Theatre and Tv School in Lodz) and drama teacher since 1998. She performs with numerous improv troupes, such as the popular „wymyWammy” (Bydgoszcz), the duo group „Two Sisters”, the Lodz based theatre group „Impro Atak” as well as the European improv project „Ohana”, or “7 Womans of Different Ages”, “Which is Which”- Irish, Polish duo, “The Allnighters” Polish, Greek and French improv group, and her solo show “Adventure Girl” which she will perform at the festival.

Chmara is an artistic coordinator of Improdrom International Improv Festival and is part of the European Improv project organized by Die Gorillas Theatre, “Our Lives”. Currently she is doing her PhD in Creating Character on script play through improvisation techniques.

Level: Intermediate – You are/were member of an improv ensemble/troupe or a class for a considerable time span. You have performed in public shows.

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