Workshop 3: (noch 3 Plätze) NARRATIVE LONGFORM – PRETTY FLOWER

Noah Levin (Spain/Barcelona)

Level: Advanced

Language: English

Saturday – Sunday

Price: 149€ (normal)/ 129€ (reduced)

Workshop Description

This workshop teaches and practises an amazing longform combining a sincere, beated narrative story with free floating inspiration.

The Pretty Flower form consists of a main story (the bud) that inspires tangential scenes (the petals) which add characters to the next beats of the main story. Inspiration folds in on itself to create a beautiful and textured play. In this intensive toolkit workshop, participants will learn the format and exercises to take back to their teams to practice and perform.

Your Instructor:

Noah Levin hails from a little corner of the Rocky Mountains. He started drama classes at summer camp and hasn’t looked back since, attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Education from UCSD, teaching drama to kids, and studying Improvisation at the PIT and UCB in New York. Noah worked as a professional standup and improviser in New York before moving to Barcelona in 2011. As co-Director of Barcelona Improv Group and The Barcelona Improv Group International Festival (The BIG IF), Noah currently teaches improv classes and leads workshops in theatre, creativity, teamwork, and employee training for adults and students. He has taught theatre professionally since 2001, sharing the love of play and creation to thousands of children and adults.

In addition to Barcelona Improv Group, Noah has been a member of Ohana – European Improv Project since 2015 and has served on their board of directors since 2018.

Level: Advanced – You are/were member of an ensemble/troupe. You perform monthly and on a regular basis in a public space with paid tickets. You participated in several workshops or classes. You (at least sometimes) get paid for your work in improvisation (performing or teaching). You have played at least 50 shows.

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