Masterclass: Discovering the Now

Rob Norman (Canada/Toronto)

Level: Professional

Language: English

Thursday – Sunday

Price: 259€ (normal)/ 225€ (reduced)

Workshop Description

This masterclass is for professional improvisers who want to refresh and inspire themselves again while working and learning from and with other actors on their skill level.

You’ve already taken countless classes. You’ve performed in many shows, business gigs, maestros, mainstage shows.
Sometimes you deliver scenes that feel like magic. And other times you just feel STUCK. You’re repeating the same characters and bits over and over again, sometimes to an audience who already knows your tired tricks… Your colleagues give you positive reinforcement, but you still feel like there’s something missing…

In this masterclass, you’ll find out what’s missing through diagnostics, analysis, and critique. Refresh and sharpen your improv skills with the help  of a well-trained outside eye. In particular you will learn how to sit within deep feelings onstage, all within the present tense.

Your Instructor:

Rob Norman is an award-winning improviser, Second City alumni, author of Improvising Now: A Practical Guide to Modern Improv, and co-host of The Backline podcast. Currently, Rob is the host of the CBC radio program Personal Best.

Level: Professional

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