Here you can apply for the Masterclass at the Improvfestival Mainz 2020!

The Masterclass by Rob Norman focusses on individual feedback on the highest level. That is why the Masterclass is open only for professional or semi-professional improvisors. In contrast to the other workshops the participants aren’t chosen by the first come first serve principle. If you want to be a part of the Masterclass you have to apply for it. We will read through all the applications and will tell you until 31 January 2020 if you got one of the 10 available places of the Masterclass.

In your application you can tell us for example:
– do you make a living off improv (explain)
– do you teach regularly (beginners or advanced, other troupes…) (name school)
– do you play business gigs on a regular basis (give examples)
– have you performed internationally, at festivals… (give examples)
– have you developed a format
– how many shows do you play per week

Workshop fees are: 259,-€ (normal), 225,-€ (reduced)*

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Participation Fee

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